Need ncli Egypt,Cameroon, Sudan, Iran, Syria

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Need ncli Egypt,Cameroon, Sudan, Iran, Syria

Post  Marcelo Alves on Thu Sep 13, 2018 3:04 pm


This is Marcelo Alves from OPO SYSTEMS LTD. & we are dealing wholesale & retail termination. Registered into Manchester, Lancashire UK, We are interconnected with large telecom operators and some TIER 1 companies.

We (OPO SYSTEMS LTD.) are looking for below destinations for good volume (wholesale/retail) (NonCli and Also Live)

> Egypt
> Bangladesh
> Afghanistan
> Iran
> Yemen
> Saudi
> Pakistan
> Oman
> Qatar
> Uzbekistan
> Jamaica
> Guatemala
> Cuba
> Bolivia
> Ecuador
> Argentina
> Brazil
> Chile
> Uruguay
> Ukraine
> Albania
> Russia
> Tunisia
> Mali
> Chad
> Ghana
> Nigeria
> Cameroon
> Sudan

For LIVE volume and also we are offering flexible payment terms.

>>Mainly focused into African destinations.
>>Next focused on ME and other.

Your appraise
Marcelo Alves
Carrier Relationship Manager
Skype: live:marcelo.opo

Marcelo Alves

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