Time to discover the wonderful city of İstanbul from the sea…

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Time to discover the wonderful city of İstanbul from the sea…

Post  mohammad takrity on Wed Oct 03, 2018 11:23 am

Time to discover the wonderful city of İstanbul from the sea…

64 special villas;
embracing the beauties of İstanbul, having its own marina and ready to be moved in…

The project offers you a unique opportunity between the perfect blue of Marmara Sea and your house’s spacious green.

This privileged life surrounded by green is a sign of a wonderful life with its functional architecture, sheltered high walls and private areas…

Not close, but inside the nature…

Seizing the unique blue of the Marmara Sea with a wonderful marina and the verdant gardens which are in a perfect harmony with nature…

In The Project, everything is arranged for you to catch the beauties in life. The conditions you imagine are all set for you to embrace blue and green together.

A life standard carrying luxury to the details…

Beside its peerless privileges, many opportunities for a social and healthy life are waiting for you in the project.

The project open and closed sporting facilities, large green areas suitable for sports, sailing school in a private beach, yacht club and swimming pools offer you a chance to deal with all kinds of sport activities. Also its 1,5 km long coast line, marina and vast recreation areas provide you a nested life with nature.

For the ones who want to socialize and have fun, there is a modern and handy recreation center in the project. The center is an ideal choice for your special organizations and guest meetings with its broad opportunities. Also a nearby shopping mall provides convenience for your daily needs.

Close to everywhere, far from chaos…

Whether you prefer an active or a quiet life… The project always keep step with you and your life standards.

Having a distance of;

7 km to İDO piers,

30 km to Taksim,

32 km to Levent,

6 km to TEM road connection,

3 km to E-5 road connection

The project are fairly close to the enthusiasm of the city

for more information and prices go to i home international

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