Looking for non cli direct route provider....

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Looking for non cli direct route provider....

Post  jack rozario on Tue May 30, 2017 12:47 pm

Dear partner

Urgently Looking non cli route for our Daily Bulk traffic...

Afghanistan Mobile All--50k
Albania Mobile Vodafone---30k
Azerbaijan Mobile All----15k
Benin Mobile All----10k
Bosnia & Herzegovina Mobile---10k
Cameroon All - 30k
Chad Mobile all ----20k
Democratic Republic of The Congo Mobile----30k
Gabon Mobile All ----15k
Gambia Mobile All----25k
Georgia Mobile All----30k
Ghana Mobile All----50k
Jordan Mobile All---15k
Haiti Mobile All----10k
Iran All---15k
Iraq Mobile All-----10k
Madagascar Mobile All----15k
Mali Mobile All----20k
Morocco Mobile All----40k
Mozambique Mobile All----25k
Nicaragua Mobile All---18k
Niger Mobile All----30k
Nigeria Mobile All---30k
South Sudan Mobile All----20k
Sudan Mobile All----35k
Tunisia Mobile All----15k
Uganda Mobile All----30k
Zambia Mobile all---25k

Please contact urgently
Best Regards,

Jack Rozario
Business Development Manager

Chase Empire LLC
E-mail: sales1@chase-empire.com
Skype : jack.rozario.chase
Office: +1-917-727-4109
3732 58th street, ​Suite 1,
Woodside, NY 11377, USA

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